paintball faqs

We understand that you may have questions about the sport before you come out to the field. That is why we compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help make your first experience a great one. 

What is paintball?

Paintball is a game in which players try to eliminate each other by firing a projectile from a paintball gun, otherwise known as a marker. These projectiles are filled with a colored liquid, hence the name Paintball. If you are struck by a paintball and it breaks on your person, you are eliminated from the game and must return to the staging/neutral area to await the next round.

Players are required to wear face and eye protection in the form of Paintball Goggles. These masks cover your entire face, including eyes, ears, cheeks, mouth etc. They are made up of hard plastic typically and the paintball will break easily on the mask.

Players are typically divided into two teams, and objectives for each round will be explained by the field Marshall (referee). Such games include “Attack and Defend”, “Capture the Flag”, “President”, and so on. Paintball requires that teams work together and communicate to complete the objectives and win the match.

Paintball is also highly physical, with lots of high intensity running, crouching and so on. Paintball is perfect for any occasion, including birthday parties, team building events, corporate outings, bachelor parties etc.

does it hurt?

Ahh the age old question…does paintball hurt? If you asked me this question 10 years ago, the answer would be a resounding YES! But now with so many options, the question is subjective to the player and the game itself. We now offer 2 KINDS OF PAINTBALL! That’s right, we have Original Paintball (Outdoor only), Low Impact Paintball.

When it comes to good old fashioned paintball, the simple answer is ‘yes’, it stings to get struck by a paintball. I always equate it to a combination of getting a charlie horse, and being whipped by a wet towel. It’s a sharp sensation, and will leave a mark depending where you’ve been hit, but welts are not uncommon after an afternoon of paintball. I will say though, the sensation of getting hit is part of the game and is the driving force behind the enormous adrenaline rush players experience while playing. On a further note, once you’ve been eliminated from the game you’re required to leave the field of play, and most players will agree that by the time you reach the staging/neutral area, the pain is mostly gone (or masked by adrenaline!) and your thoughts are now focused on what you could have done differently to avoid being hit.

what is low-impact paintball?

Low-Impact Paintball is just like regular paintball, only the guns are smaller and easier to handle. The projectile is also smaller and carries less force, so when it hits you, it hurts WAY LESS THAN PAINTBALL! You heard right. It hurts way less. This is because the ball itself is smaller, and the velocity it travels at is about 2/3 that of regular paintball. So this game is IDEAL for players between the ages of 10 and 14.

what should i wear?

We recommend you wear old, loose fitting clothing. Long sleeves and pants are recommended as well. Old sneakers and and old, thin pair of gloves can also be useful. The paint washes out of your clothes, but you’re not going to want to wear a brand new pair of jeans or sneakers. Bring garbage bags and a change of clothes as well for after the game! You don’t want a group of kids covered in paint jumping into your nice clean vehicle!

how long do 100 paintballs last?

This is a tough question to answer, since everyone is different. But in our experience, 100 paintballs should last you between 30-45 minutes.

how much extra paint will i need?

We typically see players shoot an average of 200-300 paintballs during a session. Our Standard Package includes 300 balls! It’s a great value and should see you through the session. Extra paintballs may be purchased from the customer service desk at anytime throughout your stay. See our Pricing Page for details on the price of extra paint.

can i bring my own paint?

Unfortunately no, over the past few years we’ve noticed a heavy increase in low quality paintballs being used. Paintballs found at surplus stores, Walmart, Canadian tire etc are often poor quality and can be dangerous on the field.

In the interest of preserving player safety we have moved away from allowing outside paintballs in, and just allowing our own. This ensures we can control what is being shot on our fields.

BUT do not worry we are still offering equipment owners a very affordable price to play along with a high quality paintball.

does the paint wash out?

Yes, the paint is water soluble and will not stain your clothes. It is still recommended that you wear old clothing however, especially if playing outdoors. See What should I wear? for information on what is recommended.

is there room for our party to set up?

Our staging area at the field is HUGE! Lots of room for parties to have cake and pizza, and even do presents and all. Your group is welcome to stay after your session is complete to eat pizza and cake and do presents.

At the outdoor course, there is TONS OF ROOM! Grab a few picnic tables (our staff can help) and set em up for your party when you arrive. We have lots and lots of tables at the outdoor so there’s never a worry that your party won’t have an area to sit and eat once you’re finished playing.

is there food available?

Flagswipe Outdoor Field has a full concession stand that runs throughout the afternoon. Items available include hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, freezies, and so on. Cold drinks are also available. Parties and groups are welcome to bring their own food and drinks (non-alcoholic) to the outdoor field. The outdoor does not have a fridge to keep food cool during game play, but all you need is a cooler and you’re set! Because of the location of the outdoor course, food cannot be ordered for delivery. The closest town is Dorchester (10 minute drive), where moms and dads can go pick up food, but otherwise delivery is not an option.

what if the weather is bad?

Flagswipe plays rain or shine! The only time we will stop play is if there is torrential downpour or lightning. In the event of heavy rain or lightning, players take shelter in the staging area to wait out the storm.

Other than that we play in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, hot, cold, you name it!

Of course Flagswipe is always willing to work with your schedule. If for any reason you need to reschedule a booking with us, we’re happy to oblige, even if you just want to postpone a booking and call back later with a new definitive date/time. Always keep in mind that the deposit you give us upon registration is non-refundable, but with a minimum of 48 hours notice, we can postpone/reschedule any game.

can I use my own equipment?

Things to keep in mind:

1) If you bring your own you will not be able to use it against other rental groups. These sessions give you a cost savings for owning your own gear and pair you up against other like minded players. Making it a challenging fun new experience every time you come out!

2) Equipment owners may still play at the outdoor field with rental groups. However your gear must be completely mechanical. No electric guns will be permitted on the field against rental players. We believe in making sure everyone has a safe and fun time at Flagswipe. Having an experienced player with a 15+ BPS gun vs a new rental player @ 6BPS doesn’t give a lead to a fun time for everyone.

We’ve also designed and setup specific sessions at out Outdoor field for equipment owners. These sessions give you a cost savings for owning your own gear and pair you up against other like minded players. Making it a challenging fun new experience every time you come out!

3) You are responsible for ensuring your equipment is in good working order. Flagswipe staff is not permitted to tinker with your marker if it fails during game-play.

4) You are also responsible for ensuring the marker is shooting under the specified field limit, which is 280 feet per second. A staff member will observe as you fire off 3 consecutive rounds over the chronograph. ALL 3 must be under the limit. If one of them is over, you must tune your marker to shoot below the field limit and try again.

5) If your marker quits during game play, you have the option to rent a marker from Flagswipe to continue playing (provided one is available)

is my deposit refundable?

Unfortunately no, deposits are non-refundable. Bookings can be rescheduled with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Bookings can be postponed indefinitely if necessary, until you are ready to re-book with the original deposit.

If you miss your booking without providing proper notice to Flagswipe Ltd., your deposit will be forfeit.

If you book for a certain number of players and less show up, deposits for any players not present will also be forfeit. These deposits cannot be used towards your final bill.

Flagswipe is flexible. If a problem arises with your booking, please get in touch with the field manager and let them know your situation. We’re happy to work with you in finding the best solution.